Monterey Bay Iris—Picnic

Member’s July Picnic and Auction

Joe Ghio with irisWhen the heat of summer has burned off the ocean fog, it is the third Saturday of July and time for the member’s picnic. At 11 in the morning everyone gathers, new members and old, young and young at heart. The rhizomes of choice newest iris from member’s gardens are spread out on the ground. Kids and dogs play, food is spread out and raffle tickets sold. Then the fun begins!

What a spread! What great food. Good conversation. Time to catch up on members not seen for a while, members you have seen but need to talk to and new members to meet. Food and conversation!

Then the fun really begins. The first of the raffle tickets drawn and members happily pick choice iris from the display on the ground. Joe then starts the auction. Open for bid are the best of this year door prize iris. You have to hurry and get your bid in to win just that wonderful new iris!

More raffle, more auction and more laughing and then just when you think you have all the iris your bag or yard can hold, Joe calls all the remaining iris up for the taking. The rush is on.

Everyone goes home full of food, fun and iris!

The picnic is also the time when the year winning doorprizes are given out. You have to come to the picnic to take home your winning iris! Join us! Hope to see you there.

Slideshow of Picnic photos

picnic auction and bidding